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TIB’s Terminology Service

With its new Terminology Service, TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library provides a single point of access to terminology from domains such as architecture, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics. The Terminology Service is a repository for terminological resources based on semantic W3C standards like the Web Ontology Language (OWL 2). You can browse ontologies through the website or use its API to retrieve terminological information and use it in your technical services.

Community Terminology Services

TIB maintains additional Terminology Services specific to several research communities as extensions to this service. NFDI4Ing and NFDI4Chem are particular examples of these extensions. It is planned to host more community specific Terminology Services as extensions of the central service.

Report an Issue

For feedback, enquiries or suggestions on our service or to request a new ontology please use our GitHub issue tracker. For contacting us about further matters regarding the TIB Terminology Service, send an e-mail to information@tib.eu

Data Content

Updated 27 Sep 2021 20:08
  • 43 ontologies
  • 57,001 terms
  • 6,536 properties
  • 6,556 individuals