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Label Id Description
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
altLabel altLabel [An alternative lexical label for a resource.]
broadMatch broadMatch [skos:broadMatch is used to state a hierarchical mapping link between two conceptual resources in different concept schemes.]
broader broader [Relates a concept to a concept that is more general in meaning.]
broaderTransitive broaderTransitive [skos:broaderTransitive is a transitive superproperty of skos:broader.]
changeNote changeNote [A note about a modification to a concept.]
closeMatch closeMatch [skos:closeMatch is used to link two concepts that are sufficiently similar that they can be used interchangeably in some information retrieval applications. In order to avoid the possibility of "compound errors" when combining mappings across more than two concept schemes, skos:closeMatch is not declared to be a transitive property.]
comment comment
contributor contributor
created created
creator creator
definition definition [A statement or formal explanation of the meaning of a concept.]
description description
editorialNote editorialNote [A note for an editor, translator or maintainer of the vocabulary.]
exactMatch exactMatch [skos:exactMatch is used to link two concepts, indicating a high degree of confidence that the concepts can be used interchangeably across a wide range of information retrieval applications. skos:exactMatch is a transitive property, and is a sub-property of skos:closeMatch.]
example example [An example of the use of a concept.]
hasTopConcept hasTopConcept [Relates, by convention, a concept scheme to a concept which is topmost in the broader/narrower concept hierarchies for that scheme, providing an entry point to these hierarchies.]
hiddenLabel hiddenLabel [A lexical label for a resource that should be hidden when generating visual displays of the resource, but should still be accessible to free text search operations.]
historyNote historyNote [A note about the past state/use/meaning of a concept.]
identifier identifier