All terms in dicl

Label Id Description
Role Role [Role is equivalent to the BFO class 'role' (]
RealizableEntity RealizableEntity [RealizableEntity is equivalent to the BFO class 'realizable entity' (]
Vehicle Vehicle [An equipment for transporting shipments. The vehice also moves from origin to the target of the transportation activity. Examples are trucks or forklifts.]
Equipment Equipment [An object needed to perform an activity, and when used is in continuous control of the agent involved in the activity. Equipment cannot execute activities by themselves. Examples: Vehices, cranes, and tools such as hammers and drills.]
Identifier Identifier [A specifier of a global or local identity of an entity, in a given identification scope. Examples are a GUID, a GTIN, a social security number, a room number within a building, a control point number in a building automatization system.]
Labeling Labeling [Labeling is a generic mechanism to associate entities with any number of labels that are unique within a given category. The purpose is to enable the representation of connections to existing systems, databases or classification schemes.]
LegalPerson LegalPerson [Agent that has legal rights and responsibilities in the applicable jurisdiction. ]
Agent Agent [Agents are actors or stakeholders associated with construction lifecycles]
StakeholderRole StakeholderRole
OneOfValues OneOfValues [A unary constraint that limits the values of a property to one of the enumerated values]
ElementaryConstraint ElementaryConstraint [Constraint that does not have other more simple constraints as its parts.]
DeliveryTeam DeliveryTeam [Lead appointed party and their appointed parties (ISO 19650-1, def. 3.2.6). Note 1: A delivery team can be any size, from one person carrying out all the necessary functions through to complex, multi-layered task teams. The size and structure of each delivery team are in response to the scale and complexity of the asset management or project delivery activities. Note 2: Multiple delivery teams can be appointed simultaneously and/or sequentially in connection with a single asset or project, in response to the scale and complexity of the asset management or project delivery activities. Note 3: A delivery team can consist of multiple task teams from within the lead appointed party’s organization and any appointed parties. Note 4: A delivery team can be assembled by the appointing party rather than the lead appointed party. (ISO 19650-1, def. 3.2.6)]
Team Team [A set of persons working together for some purpose]
SameValues SameValues [A constraint for all involved Properties must have a same value]
Quality Quality [Quality is equivalent to the BFO class 'quality' (]
Sensor Sensor [A device that is capable of producing information about its environment.]
Device Device [An object that performs a function, requiring at most only intermittent control by a user (an agent). Examples: Sensor, actuator, dishwasher, heater.]
Person Person [A human being involved in the construction process.]
ResourceCost ResourceCost
CostProperty CostProperty