All individuals in dicob

Label Id Description
Archived Archived [Information container not is use anymore, but stored for the purpose of history maintenance. "Journal of information transactions, providing an audit trail of information container development" (ISO 19650-1)]
Divide Divide
Equal Equal
Less Less
LessOrEqual LessOrEqual
LessOrEqual LessOrEqual
Minus Minus
NotEqual NotEqual
Plus Plus
Published Published ["Information authorized for use in more detailed design, for construction and for asset management." (ISO 19650-1)]
Shared Shared ["Information approved for sharing with other appropriate task teams and delivery teams or with the appointing party" (ISO 19650-1)]
TimeRatio TimeRatio
TimeRatio TimeRatio
Times Times
WorkInProgress WorkInProgress ["Work to be developed by its originator or a task team, not visible or accessible to anyone else" (ISO 19650-1)]
hasActivityCost hasActivityCost [The cost of an activity]
hasAnnualHoursOfThermalDiscomfort hasAnnualHoursOfThermalDiscomfort [Thermal discomfort, measured as a number of hours when the temperature is above 27 degrees celsius]
hasProductionRate hasProductionRate