All terms in raum

Label Id Description
financing R11671169359_4
capital market R21208498100_3
area development planning R20727845585_4
R00000000013_3 R00000000013_3
demolition R20488799202_4
branch of trade R10176464115_3
supply line R11055247206_4
R00000000032_3 R00000000032_3
power technology R11070233169_4
energy supply R22107424836_3
gap site R21329516180_4
building development R12121746832_3
harbour city R21921316113_4
town R10079219973_3
college of education R22109860657_4
educational facility R10112850737_3
district levy R10809505160_4
R00000000004_3 R00000000004_3
building R22049580349_3
construction R10000066155_2