LDM Demo

This demo presents the Leibniz Data Manager (LDM) and illustrates how Semantic Web technologies and FAIR principles empower research data management. The demonstration shows how various digital objects are created and puts in perspective the crucial role of metadata in efficient and effective management and analysis of research data management.

The demonstration comprises:

  • This short paper is published in the proceedings of the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2022) in the track of poster and demos. It describes the main features of the Leibniz Data Manager,
  • A poster summarizing the project,
  • A short video describing the motivation of this project, and
  • A video showing the LDM features.
  • A Jupyter Notebook explaining the use of the LDM’s API (CKAN), for developers who want to write code that interacts with LDM instances and their data.

Please, contact us at service.ldm@tib.eu if you have comments or questions.